Optimize ED access and throughput with analytics

Greater Hudson Valley Health System (GHVHS) was challenged with an overflowing emergency department (ED). Using market trend analysis, they confidently implemented an operational redesign project and plans to expand operations based on patient flow patterns and population management.

Great first impressions lead to patient satisfaction

A health system’s emergency department (ED) is often the first experience a patient has with a health system. The experience in the ED can set the tone for the patient’s satisfaction. Efficient operations in the ED are a must. It’s important to understand the market dynamics of your population and patient flow patterns to effectively design a transformative strategy for your organization.

Sg2 Emergent Urgent Visits

Note: Forecast excludes 0–17 age group. Sources: Impact of Change®, 2019; OptumInsight, 2016; The following 2016 CMS Limited Data Sets (LDS): Carrier, Denominator, Home Health Agency, Hospice, Outpatient, Skilled Nursing Facility; Claritas Pop-Facts®, 2019; Sg2 Analysis, 2019.

Match ED capacity with demand

Three key steps to drive process improvements and grow the ED.

The hospital’s clear path to improving care delivery

Improve your market position with transparent, comparative analytics.

Hear how OHSU saved costs by engaging physicians

Physician committees helped save thirty million dollars over two years.

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