Let us help you identify the areas of impact of COVID-19 on your pharmacy budget

With unexpected surge in demand for many drugs used in the management of COVID-19 patients and uncertainty of a future reoccurrence, identifying the impact and planning for the future is critical to the health of your pharmacy. Complimentary to Vizient members, the Vizient Price Quantity Mix report provides immediate visibility into the areas of pharmacy spend that were impacted most.

While part of the subscription reporting service available through Vizient Savings Actualyzer – Pharmacy module, a complimentary view of this report is now available to all Vizient pharmacy program participants.

Comparing drug spend from January through May 2019 to the same time period in 2020, this report provides transparency into:

  • Products with the greatest impact on overall spend
  • Products by NDC that your pharmacy stopped purchasing during this time period
  • Summary of new items that your facilities started buying during this time period
  • Activities that led to spend change, including change in price and/or quantity
  • Comparison of therapeutic classes and manufacturers with the greatest variance

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