New Novaplus contracts awarded

The Novaplus contract portfolio continues to expand with the launch of numerous new agreements:

  • A new Novaplus agreement for Gojo hand hygiene products became effective Dec. 1, 2021. It includes six Novaplus codes for Purell ES8 touch free dispensers and sanitizer.
  • Convective air warming products from 3M became effective April 1, replacing the previous Novaplus/3M agreement. It’s part of the Impact Specialty Care Standardization Program.
  • Smiths Medical is the new Novaplus supplier for fluid warming products, effective
    April 1. This agreement is also part of the Impact Specialty Care Standardization Program.
In addition, several new Novaplus Enhanced Supply contracts are described below.

Many Novaplus products are Made in the USA

Through Made in the USA, Vizient helps strengthen supply access for members by identifying domestically manufactured products in our contract portfolio. Many Novaplus suppliers have represented to us that their products meet our definition of Made in the USA, including:

  • 3M convective air warming
  • Caresfield tourniquets
  • Encompass gowns
  • Gojo hand hygiene
  • Kerma stethoscopes
  • Kerma disposable face shields
  • Kerma Medical OB and labor and delivery
  • Next Medical ultrasound gel
  • Owens & Minor facial protection
Vizient is encouraging additional point-of-manufacturing transparency with all awarded suppliers, and actively pursuing domestic coverage in selected essential product categories. Learn more about Made in the USA.

Novaplus value amplifies when combined with other supply chain programs

Novaplus Enhanced Supply, Group Buys and Supplier Diversity: Ekla thermometers

Through June 30, members receive the supply assurance and price savings benefits of Novaplus Enhanced Supply as well as the incremental savings of Group Buys on Novaplus/Ekla Corp. thermometers. In addition, purchases from Ekla – a woman- and minority-owned company – may be counted toward your organization’s Tier 1 supplier diversity spend.

No additional action is necessary to receive Group Buy discounts of up to 50% on infrared no touch and premium single-patient-use thermometers during Q2. Simply reference the Novaplus Enhanced Supply contract number when ordering through your Authorized Distributor.

Novaplus and Impact Standardization: Respiratory categories

The Novaplus private label now includes three new respiratory product categories: Smiths Medical airway clearance products, Sunset Health noninvasive ventilation products, and SensiMed respiratory disposable products. All three agreements are also included as supplier options in the Impact Airway Management Standardization Program, which offers qualifying members an additional rebate on purchases. Eligibility terms and conditions may apply.

Re-awarded contracts offer increased value from familiar suppliers

A new Novaplus contract with PNC Bank has replaced the supplier’s previous agreement, offering greater financial value for procurement card and electronic payable services. And pricing for Novaplus securement devices from Pepper Medical is up to 11% lower through the supplier’s new agreement compared to the previous contract.

Did you know many Novaplus products are available through aptitude?

Using technology to manage inventory more accurately and efficiently — including allocation and substitution scenarios — can help hospitals be more prepared and more secure in their medical and surgical supply chain resiliency. Incorporating the aptitude platform is one way Vizient members are better prepared to react to the challenges impacting the supply chain.

New Novaplus Enhanced Supply Agreements

Three new Novaplus Enhanced Supply contracts have become effective since March, improving supply assurance for essential product categories:

Through Novaplus Enhanced Supply agreements, suppliers offer additional inventory of essential products and medications to mitigate supply disruptions and demand surge events for Vizient members. The program offers both a stockpile and a monthly ordering component. Members can choose to combine both components for immediate and long-term supply assurance, or they may choose either option to best meet their individual supply needs.

Supplier and product news

Triose is now part of AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen recently announced it has acquired Novaplus supplier Triose, adding freight management capabilities to its suite of commercial solutions. Triose freight management services are accessible to Vizient members through agreement BP0033. Triose strives to continually set the industry standard for supply chain logistics by providing world-class strategic solutions for hospitals, health systems, and health care networks.

Novaplus face shields offer comfort, compatibility

Disposable full-face shields from Kerma Medical Products Inc. feature a foam headband and elastic strap, coupled with anti-fog on both sides, and can accommodate eyeglasses and facemasks. These face shields are available through Novaplus Enhanced Supply agreement NE0060, and inventory is warehoused in the U.S. and ready for direct shipping. Kerma Medical is a certified veteran- and minority-owned company.

Novaplus Enhanced Supply: Domestic stock level update

Novaplus Enhanced Supply contracts prioritize incremental product availability and domestic warehousing. Standard Textile has reusable product on hand in several personal protective equipment (PPE) product categories that are at risk of going in short supply:

Isolation gowns, AAMI Level 347,000 units
Fabric face mask 25,400 units
Bouffant cap 36,667 units
Skull cap 17,206 units
Shoe covers 42,622 pairs

Your biggest conversion returns

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