Supply chain analytics and strategic programs drive $5.6M savings in two years

Emerson Hospital improves price index from 62.9 to 34.3 during same time period

Emerson Hospital’s supply chain executives were at a crossroads in early 2017. Emerson needed to expand its standardization efforts to provide more value for the organization, but several factors stood in the way. The supply chain team had to manually aggregate data from multiple sources to identify savings opportunities. In addition, Emerson also had no integrated benchmarking tool in place, leaving supply chain teams to perform comparisons on a product-by-product basis. Without the right benchmarking solution, the hospital was unable to track its progress and didn’t know how its performance compared to peers nationwide. Emerson needed new insight and expert guidance to help it thrive in the midst of a challenging marketplace and the continual shift to value-based care.

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