Establish operations that yield predictability and confidence

Hospitals have firsthand experience in the importance of a dependable supply strategy during a health crisis. As you resume elective services, confidence in your readiness to care for all patients is vital. And addressing immediate stockroom needs isn’t enough -- you need specialized programs and plans that lead to longer-term supply, process and data reliability.

To drive high reliability, we guide members using the following three focal points. Use this framework to advance your organization and contact us for areas you need expert support.

676k additional propofol units accessible through the Novaplus® Enhanced Supply Program during a 280% demand spike in March-April

Establish dependability

Grounding for supply chain dependability
starts by:

  • Mitigating supply disruptions
  • Ensuring current expertise is sufficient to stabilize
  • Maximizing available supply chain resources from partners

Focus beyond supply

Uncover broader perspective when you:

  • Reevaluate your supply chain strategy with consideration to the recent pandemic conditions
  • Develop and implement more meaningful performance measures not related to cost reduction
  • Understand the role of new data and insights and how they affect operations

Achieve high reliability

To gain systemwide dependability:

  • Consider alternative support models for operational functions including supply chain
  • Expand outside the hospital to formalize a supply-focused community-based model

Supply chain resilience

Since long before COVID-19, Vizient has aggressively advocated for increasing trust, transparency and predictability in the supply chain. Our new multiparty marketplace brings visibility to the availability and consumption of supplies via a digital platform that contemplates inventory, network and forecasting insights

Watch our supplier resilience solution overview

Read Outmaneuvering Uncertainty: A Plan for Improving Supply Resilience

Innovative supply strategies

Ensuring supply of essential drugs and medical products is critical to managing demand surge in the immediate term, as well as establishing supply chain reliability in the longer term. The Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program delivers additional inventory of the essential products and medications that, if not available, could threaten a hospital’s ability to provide immediate and high quality patient care.

Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program information

Consistent access to essential medications fact sheet

August webinar: Improving Supply Chain Reliability

The COVID-19 outbreak and rolling surges remind members that trust, transparency and predictability are key to maintaining a strong supply chain. In our Aug. 20 webinar, you’ll hear from Vizient experts and learn strategies to outmaneuver uncertainty by leveraging the expertise of your current team – as well as partner resources – to mitigate supply disruptions.

View the recorded webinar

Inventory planning resources

During a crisis, data-enabled decision-making can help address the uncertainty associated with purchase planning and ensure your stockroom is ready for potential spikes in patient volume.

Surge Demand Calculator

COVID-19 Supply Projections overview

Ventilation medication demand projection calculator

Interested in the best path for your organization to reach high reliability?

Help us understand how your organization is planning to improve reliability, then together we'll discuss specifics to support your goals.

Keep familiar goals in check, even on the journey to a new market normal

For deeper success, many organizations integrate their strategy to stabilize, adapt and evolve with initiatives that were pertinent even before the pandemic — cost, reliability, revenue and quality. We can help you improve these areas while keeping a fast pace on your successful journey to a new market normal.

Cost puzzle piece


Managing cost includes — but is not limited to — a focus on labor, supplies and reducing clinical variation. We offer expertise and analytics for a broader approach to help you innovatively and intentionally address workforce strategy, supply chain reliability and optimal utilization practices.

Dollar coin


A strong, sustainable revenue stream derives from solid business processes and strategic forecasting, systemwide. Our experts help identify and implement the right initiatives, from better payer negotiations to meeting market demands to improving billing practices.



High quality care is the core of your mission. Sustaining it calls for more than core clinical practices. Transform clinical quality with our experts and data analytics to innovate and build new care models, stronger safety standards and a more profound culture.

Future of healthcare person with binoculars

The future of health care

Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented speed and results. We're uniquely able to help your organization overcome today's challenges, and together, look ahead to build a stronger foundation for the future of health care.

Let's connect to help you build the future of health care

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