Refocus and enhance improvement efforts to succeed long term

In the face of complex challenges, your clinical quality initiatives must evolve to meet new demands. From reengaging patients and families to accelerating innovation to drive advances, there’s a lot to consider.

We’ll help you strengthen the foundational components required to deliver high quality care, with a special focus on three main goals.

Ensure quality

Ensure engagement, resiliency and safety while consistently providing high-quality, value-driven care by:

  • Re-engaging patients and families
  • Rebuilding staff resilience and trust
  • Redefining and resetting priorities and data-driven benchmarks

Mitigate risks

Evolve determination of quality improvement opportunities and restructure quality improvement infrastructure by:

  • Building a flexible workforce
  • Refining governance and leadership models to accelerate quality improvement
  • Developing and implementing safety and care protocols based on COVID experience
  • Using predictive analytics to identify and prepare for market shifts, new threats and potential supply shortages

Transform clinical quality

Radically transform clinical quality culture and care delivery by:

  • Redesigning and deploying workforce into a newly defined system of care
  • Implementing evidence-based practices to eliminate unwarranted variation
  • Designing and implementing new sites of care to optimize access and quality
  • Accelerating innovation to drive advances in clinical practices

3 ways to combat secondary traumatic stress and create a culture of safety

In addition to caring for critically ill patients, caregivers and support staff are coping with changes to workload, shortages in necessary personal protective equipment and concern for the safety of their own families, all of which leaves them vulnerable to extreme stress.

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Moving forward through lessons learned during COVID-19

Hear lessons learned firsthand from hospital executives across the country in a roundtable format.

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Keep familiar goals in check, even on the journey to a new market normal

For deeper success, many organizations integrate their strategy to stabilize, adapt and evolve with initiatives that were pertinent even before the pandemic - cost, reliability, revenue and quality. We can help you improve these areas while keeping a fast pace on your successful journey to a new market normal.

Cost puzzle piece


Managing cost includes — but is not limited to — a focus on labor, supplies and reducing clinical variation. We offer expertise and analytics for a broader approach to help you innovatively and intentionally address workforce strategy, supply chain reliability and optimal utilization practices.

Reliability shield


Providers now know severe disruption and more strongly understand the need for trust transparency and predictability of supply chain operations. A partner like Vizient, with proven analytics and supply decision experience, helps you increase predictability of supply chain operations with quality and safety in mind.

Dollar coin


A strong, sustainable revenue stream derives from solid business processes and strategic forecasting, systemwide. Our experts help identify and implement the right initiatives, from better payer negotiations to meeting market demands to improving billing practices.

Future of healthcare person with binoculars

The future of health care

Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented speed and results. We're uniquely able to help your organization overcome today's challenges, and together, look ahead to build a stronger foundation for the future of health care.

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