Develop smart strategies to
thrive in the new environment

The pandemic changed nearly every aspect of the U.S. health care system, forcing providers to re-evaluate their goals and priorities and develop agility to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively scale up and down to meet ongoing needs. Long-term success requires new thinking and strategies for care delivery, quality and supply decisions.

Stabilize. Adapt. Evolve.
Supply Stockpiling
Impacts on care settings

Lower cost base

Sustainably optimize the cost of care delivery by enhancing labor practices and procedures, expanding telehealth use and streamlining real estate and facilities expenses. We are ready to help you explore longer-term opportunities such as care redesign and clinical-supply integration.

Improving care access through virtual health care design

Cultivate reliability

Expand the focus beyond supply operations to the broader impact of supply decisions on the organization. We have experts who will work with you to re-evaluate your supply chain strategy in light of current challenges and understand how new data and insights impact your organization’s operations.

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Redesign care delivery

Adapt to the new health care environment by building flexible capacity, accelerating virtual and digital health, optimizing high-margin growth, assessing physician alignment and identifying adaptive workforce strategies. We’ll provide the analytics insights and tools to help you succeed in the new health care landscape.

Moving forward through lessons learned during COVID-19

Mitigate risk

Refine the hospital’s quality improvement infrastructure to ensure consistent care and quality outcomes. We can provide tools and resources to help you build a flexible workforce, refine governance and leadership models to accelerate quality improvement, develop safety and care protocols, and use predictive analytics to prepare for market shifts and potential supply shortages.

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