The Framework for High Reliability Healthcare

Framework for High Reliability Healthcare report

Embedding the principles of high reliability can help address the complex problems healthcare organizations face, such as the current burnout crisis. When we increase consistency, mindfulness and resilience, patients get better care, and providers find greater joy in their work.

The Framework for High Reliability Healthcare represents the next step in guiding organizations on their high reliability journeys, giving teams the skills, behaviors, and activities to bring high reliability to life.

  • Understand the critical role culture and leadership play in establishing and sustaining a high reliability environment
  • Learn why it’s essential to integrate clinical, operational, and cultural data to get to the root of systemic problems that could cause harm
  • Discover why embracing continuous learning helps teams identify, implement, and sustain improvements that produce meaningful results
  • Appreciate the importance of a defined and evidence-based operating model for deploying and sustaining a high reliability strategy.
  • See how to foster individual and organizational mindfulness to identify risks early, reduce the chances for error, build community, and improve performance <

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