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Webinar: Translating an access strategy into medical practice improvement


Learn how analytics and benchmarking can support an organization’s access strategy as well as how to identify gaps, grow across the continuum of care and implement an effective access strategy.

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Improvement Begins with Powerful Analytics and Deep Data

When it comes to medical practice performance improvement, knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle. The answers come from a solution that provides powerful analytics and deep data, dedicated advisor support and collaborative intelligence.

The Clinical Practice Solutions Center (CPSC) measures, monitors and drives clinical and financial performance based on provider billing activity for outpatient, ambulatory and inpatient settings. To create a healthy practice, organizations need a strategy that will make improvement connections across the continuum.

Listen to our on-demand webinars to learn how data can provide insights into telehealth dynamics, how to develop quality measures to improve medical practice health, or how an access strategy translates into practice improvement.

Webinar: Transform Your Telehealth Strategy with the Right Analytics, Technology and Expertise

Learn how data analytics can provide insights into telehealth dynamics including virtual billing, revenue tracking, reimbursement and quality of care. Hear how the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) implemented video visits as part of their telehealth strategy and how the right analytics are driving patient satisfaction, utilization and provider participation in more than 120 clinics.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand telehealth growth trends among physician practices and service lines
  • Review what’s changed and what’s new from a regulatory standpoint
  • Examine the evolving landscape of virtual billing and reimbursement
  • Learn best practices from UCSF on using data to drive a telehealth strategy

Podcast: Accelerating Transformation in Times of Crisis


Hear from providers and researchers about how they are responding to the current environment and examining the ongoing, difficult conversations around clinical care and research.

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Webinar: Develop Quality Measures to Improve Medical Practice Health

Learn how quality measures can improve medical practice health, as well as best practices to identify resources for standardized clinical measurement and overcome analytic challenges. In addition, Northwestern Medical Group will share insights on the quality initiatives that informed their rooming prioritization and care delivery, as well as how they structured and supported primary care practices in quality improvement adoption. They will also discuss how the current environment impacted outcomes and how they adjusted their approach.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the resources needed for standardized clinical measurement to align improvement efforts.
  • Overcome analytic challenges to synchronize end user requests with available resources and data.
  • How peer networking and best practice sharing provides information and collaborative support leading to reduced physician documentation, improved performance on ambulatory quality measures and operational flow, and increased communication between care team members.

Webinar: Translating an access strategy into medical practice improvement

To identify gaps, increase revenue and better meet the needs of the community it’s imperative organizations implement an effective access strategy.

During this webinar, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and Vizient® shared how analytics and benchmarking can support an organization’s access strategy. Stanford Medicine also shared their journey to improve access, including:

  • How they used actionable data to drive change, expand their footprint and measure performance
  • How thinking like a system and acting like a system led to timeliness of care and a better patient experience

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify key drivers to improve access to care
  • Tactics to support implementation

Data Insights Brief: Ambulatory Visit Volume Shifts After Pandemic Begins


Health systems experienced a drastic reduction in office and outpatient hospital visits caused by the pandemic. In May, in-person visits began to increase, and telehealth visits started decreasing slightly. Learn more about the status of these trends from recent data.

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Video: Drive Clinical and Financial Performance and Improve Practice Plan Health

Watch how CPSC is helping organizations like yours compete and face challenges to improve clinical operations, enhance quality and optimize revenue.

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Build a Patient Focused, Data-driven Organization

Align your clinical practice management strategy with a solution that will innovate your clinical and financial performance, improve quality and decrease cost by:

  • Enhancing management of clinical practice and revenue cycle performance
  • Providing productivity data for insights into department, specialty and provider performance
  • Academic and community benchmarking at the department, specialty, provider level and key analytic methodologies
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