Retaining and growing volumes means building a strong strategy now

Procedures shifting from the hospital inpatient setting to the outpatient setting over the past several years is a trend that is accelerated and escalating. One initial impetus was payer dynamics and that is now coupled with increased pandemic safety concerns.

Many of the shifting procedures are critical to hospital margins — and these seemingly small shifts will have major effects on health system profitability. Preparing your strategy is critical to capture the ambulatory shift.


Strategy: create the right procedure-site footprint

Health system executives need to understand both their organization’s vulnerability to outpatient shift and the counterbalancing capabilities that will help their system retain and grow procedure volumes and ensure long-term success.

An effective ambulatory strategy involves creating an appropriate procedure-site footprint and ensuring all sites — inpatient and ambulatory — work together to optimize capacity, maintain margins and enhance growth.

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Resources to guide you in developing an effective ambulatory strategy

Use our resources to help you prepare and plan for capturing procedure shifts to the outpatient setting.

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