Fostering long-lasting relationships between patients and providers

With many providers placing a high priority on growth, it’s crucial to find new and innovative ways to drive top-line performance. The pandemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in the industry, including a reliance on financially favorable procedures to fund operations. It’s time for health systems to find an invigorated path to growth: to diversify revenue streams, engage the health care consumer and chart a new course for sustainable performance.

Winning in this market requires a unique partner — we can help

  • Shoring up access with convenient, patient-focused options

  • Creating new patient acquisition strategies

  • Healing fractured referral processes to build and retain system loyalty

  • Enabling digital tools for a targeted approach to patient acquisition

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Rapid Impact Strategic Growth

Strategically increase market share by maximizing your existing footprint to achieve near-term growth and revenue advances through the development and implementation of a growth strategy.

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Provider Connections

Achieve short-term growth initiatives by prioritizing your system’s physician outreach planning.

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Near-Term Demand Modeler

Identify optimal near-term revenue opportunities to predict demand scenarios for better planning. Forecast the impact of disrupters in the local markets so systems can effectively respond based on market data and change impact.

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Customer Loyalty

Capture patients and earn their loyalty by transforming their experience in accessing and navigating the health system. Differentiate and create a more compelling value proposition to decrease customer churn rate and increase retention.

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