The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented changes for health care organizations, reducing patient volumes and provider revenues in ways no one imagined. Vizient®, the nation’s leading health care performance improvement company, is uniquely able to help your organization overcome today’s challenges, adjust to rapidly changing conditions and position yourself for long-term success. Our 40-year history as a member-owned, member-driven company means that no one knows you better than we do.

We have the focused expertise, broad experience, data-driven insights and wide array of resources and tools needed to help you weather the crisis and guide you rapidly along the journey to your new normal. And we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

Working in unprecedented times

COVID-19 has been a proving ground for clinical teams. New approaches to team-based care have resulted in improvements in clinical workforce resiliency as well as patients and families being considered the center of the care team. Through emerging practices outlined in our playbook, clinical teams have been able to create effective care plans and reach their full potential.

  1. Teamwork: Incorporate basic principles
    There are five interrelated principles of team-based health care...
  2. Ongoing assessment: Identify and address disruptive team behaviors
    Certain behaviors displayed by individuals and even entire teams can be toxic...

Download our playbook to read complete information on emerging practices for clinical teams.

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Percentage of physicians who will change jobs, close their practice temporarily, retire or opt out of patient care due to COVID-191


1 Survey: physician practice patterns changing as a result of COVID-19. Merritt Hawkins. Published April 22, 2020. Accessed June 4, 2020.

Leading through COVID-19 and beyond

Health care staff and clinicians are indispensable to the care of the patients and communities. Clinicians’ well-being has never been more critical than now, especially as they work on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinician burnout presents an even greater strain upon facilities already taxed from loss of revenue due to decreased elective surgeries and strained supply chains.

Our playbook was created to inspire health care leadership that supports the resilience and well-being of a health care delivery system’s most precious resource: its clinicians. Information includes what your employees need most during a crisis and what to invest in for your clinicians’ future; emerging practices; and recommendations from our experts and members.

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What does clinician turnover really cost an organization?

Turnover expense — including recruitment and onboarding costs, as well as lost revenue — costs organizations millions per year. Vacancies create stress and burnout for other staff and negatively impact patient care. Take our short, four-question survey to see if you know the average costs of clinician turnover.

Welcoming Generation Z to the Health Care Workplace

This generation has different expectations, values and acumens compared with previous generations. According to ManpowerGroup, as of 2020 Generation Z comprises about 24% of the workforce — and recruiting, onboarding and retaining this group comes with a unique set of challenges.

9 Characteristics for Care Team Success: Where Does Your Organization Stand?

Is your organization still tied to a traditional physician-led care model? High-performing hospitals recognize that medical professionals involved in patient care bring a unique blend to the care process, including educational background, clinical experience and specific skill sets.

What Message is Your Clinician Compensation Plan Sending?

Compensation methodology for both physicians and advanced practice provider (APPs) and employment type are two of many key factors which can positively or negatively impact the organization’s culture and successful integration of APPs.

Solutions to engage and optimize your clinical workforce

Our Clinical Workforce Solutions provide the expertise and support clinical and operational leaders need when addressing challenges such as high turnover, underutilization and wavering cultural norms.

Physician and APP Onboarding Program 

Our health care onboarding solution creates an evidence-based experience that drives retention, alignment, engagement and well-being.

Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program 

This yearlong, highly customizable program helps new nurses make a smooth transition from academia to clinical practice.

Clinical Team Insights 

This web-based Community group and analytic solution helps health care organizations assess organizational culture, structure and processes.

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