At Vizient, we have committed many decades to assuring drug supply, from the launch of Novaplus to the continued expansion of Novaplus Enhanced Supply. We continually innovate to provide essential medications, increase production and supply, and ensure access in times of need.

Thanks to our members and suppliers, we are excited to announce we’ve reached a significant milestone – 100 Million Units of additional inventory of essential medications.


What do 100 million units look like? Here’s how we help assure drug supply.

100 Million units stacked end-to-end looks massive, but when it comes to taking care of the patient, one unit of treatment can be life changing.

Vizient essential medications to assure drug supply availability

As part of the ongoing strategy to improve drug supply assurance, the Vizient team of pharmacy experts have identified over 251 essential medications that if not available, could represent the greatest threat to providing immediate and high-quality patient care. As of this edition, 14 drugs were added to the list creating a total of 251 line items, representing 237 unique drugs.

Download the essential mediciations list

Vizient’s Solutions to End Drug Shortages


Consistent supply of competitively priced medications, for both inpatient and outpatient facilities

  • Market competitive pricing
  • Impact standardization/ quarterly rebated
  • Private label and manufacturer label
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Novaplus Enhanced Supply (NES) 

  • Prioritizes essential medications
  • Pooled inventory based on Vizient members’ total historical purchases
  • Includes all pharmacy spend (GPO, 340B, WAC)
  • All inventory warehoused in the U.S. by the supplier
  • No fee or additional forms to participate
  • Inventory access through full-line distribution or manufacturer
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